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Self-introduction slide template
Animated self-introduction slide - Bullet points with portrait
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One slide self-introduction - Image & text
One slide self-introduction - Image & text
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Self intro slide template - Personal photo - Image background
Self intro slide template - Personal photo
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Creative self introduction template - Storytelling
Creative self introduction template - Storytelling
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Self-introduction slide - Image & text
Self-introduction slide - Video & text
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What is a self-introduction slide?

A self-introduction slide is a short and intriguing overview of your personal story, experience, authority, values, and goals. It should be placed near the beginning of your presentation before you get into detail, or near the end as part of an “about the author/speaker” section. The purpose of a self-introduction slide is to establish your authority in the subject matter, but more so built familiarity with the audience so they are more receptive to what you have to say.

It is not to be confused with an introduction slide that applies to a team, a company, a project, or a product.

What makes a good self-introduction slide template?

A self-introduction ppt template structures the essential information you’ll need to include in your personal introduction. It’s important to note that for most cases self-intro slide template should limit you to a short paragraph or two since the presentation should be about the subject matter rather than about you.

What makes a creative self-introduction ppt?

To make a self-intro slide truly creative you’ll want to go beyond PowerPoint and use an interactive presentation maker instead. Interactive content grabs the attention of your audience better and holds it for longer. It helps you stand out in a sea of sameness and engages your readers on another level.

What should a self-introduction PowerPoint template include?

  1. Your name: This should be prominently displayed on the slide so that the audience knows who you are.
  2. Your job title and organization: This helps the audience understand your role and perspective.
  3. A brief overview of your background and experience: This can include your education, previous work experience, and any relevant skills or achievements.
  4. Your purpose for giving the presentation: This could be to share information, persuade the audience, or simply entertain.
  5. A professional headshot: This helps the audience put a face to the name and can help build rapport with the audience.

When should I use a personal-presentation slide?

Every presentation that needs to establish the reliability and relatability of the speaker or writer should have a personal introduction slide.

But there are certain types of presentations that are entirely self-inroduction presentations, meaning they are on and about the writer/speaker. These are mainly student presentations such as CV, resume, research proposal, or cover letter.

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