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What is a timeline slide template?

A timeline slide template is used to display consecutive events or milestones in chronological order. It normally includes a bar that represents the passage of time, with dots set in it that mark given milestones. A timeline slide can be used to show the progression of a project, the history of a company or organization, or the development of a product, field, or subject.

What makes a good timeline slide template?

A good The events or milestones are usually labeled with text and may also include images or other media to provide additional context or detail. It can be an effective way to convey information in a clear and visually appealing way and can help the audience better understand the context and significance of the events or milestones being presented.

What makes these templates better than any timeline PowerPoint?

Unlike a legacy PowerPoint timeline template, modern interactive and animated timeline slides (AKA storydocs) are scroll-based. This lets you present your timeline horizontally rather than vertically, thereby giving you space for more events with greater detail.

Using web-based interactive timeline slides you can progressively expose information set in your timeline, and in this way lead the reader step by step without overwhelming them.

Creating a timeline in PowerPoint or using a chewed-up Google slides timeline template is not in your best interest if you aim for keeping your viewers and readers engaged and helping them follow, grasp, and appreciate your timeline slide.

Types of timeline slide templates

1) Vertical timeline: shows progress toward a specific goal starting at the top and ending at the bottom. This option is recommended for modern scroll-based presentations.

2) Horizontal timeline: tracks information from left to right. It’s used to measure time and amounts. This is very often the design used in loaded legacy PPT slides.

3) Static timeline: allows users to view information but not interact with it. Most common timeline slide type, used in legacy PowerPoint presentations.

4) Interactive timeline: allows users to scroll, zoom, expose and hide data in real-time to display different results. Available to Storydoc users.

5) Gantt chart timeline: uses a critical chain type template to organize project components, such as the project schedule, workflow, and progress report in a visual way that helps understand complex timetables with many moving parts.

6) Roadmap timeline: represents a company's business life cycle and the steps needed to reach an end goal, used to track achievements for marketing strategy, product development, sales, and other business processes.

7) Company timeline: used to show a company's history often included as part of a company deck presentation as part of the introduction slide set

8) Personal timeline: used similarly to a company timeline to show a person's history, career path, or academic publications. It is mostly used as part of the personal introduction slide set.

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