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10+ Case Study Templates & Design Tips + How-to Guide

10+ Case Study Templates...


10+ Case Study Templates & Design Tips + How-to Guide

Write your case study quickly and effortlessly using one of the professional templates for case studies from our gallery. Get actionable tips for how to write a case study that dazzles.


John McTale


Jun 30, 2021





What makes case studies so important? In a word: trust. Sure, you know your products or services are great. But you can’t just tell your prospective customers so. You need to show and prove it to them. And having a portfolio of great case studies including examples of successful past projects is the best way to achieve just that.

The problem? It’s difficult to create a case study that will feel as exciting and compelling to your customers as it is to you. It’s difficult to make them genuinely care. The solution? Professional case study templates that will let your narrative flow smoothly while looking visually stunning.

Spend 5 minutes reading this article and see a gallery of the best case study templates available online, plus, easy-to-use, universal template for a case study outline.

First, see an example of an interactive case study created in our tool. Notice how much more attention-grabbing it is compared to the “standard” static case study template on the left.

Here's an example of a case study transformed in our tool:



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Case study outline template


If you’re looking for a “template” meaning a ready-made fill-in-the-blank design you can download and fill out, just scroll down to the following section. You’ll get a selection of pitch-perfect templates for all kinds of case studies.

If, in turn, you’re more interested in a general case study outline, the list of sections, and tips for what to write in each of them, you’ll get it here.

What to include in a case study?

  • Introductory overview: think of it as an executive summary of the whole document. Introduce the subject of the case study and the main objectives.
  • The problem: walk your readers through the business problem or an obstacle the project described in the case study was aimed to solve.
  • The solution: explain how you approach solving the problem and provide detailed examples of what you did. If possible, link to relevant assets that better illustrate the project.
  • The results: ideally, you’ll want numerical metrics here so that it’s 100% clear how the case you’re describing impacted the bottom line of your client.
  • Next steps: outline how the insights acquired from the project influence future activities.

Pro Tip

Whenever possible, include quotes and testimonials in your case studies. According to Nielsen’s report, 70% of people trust reviews and recommendations from strangers. Another study by DemandGen found that 97% of B2B buyers think user-generated content (such as reviews) is the most reliable form of marketing communication.


For more information about how to write each part of a case study, visit our dedicated guide: How to Write a Case Study

Now, let’s go through visual templates for case studies that will help yours easily stand out and grab your readers’ attention.


Case study templates and designs to download



Starting out with this medical case study report. Disclaimer: it’s the only one of those on our list as we’re not focusing on the healthcare industry. This template is clean, elegant, and easy-to-skim, much more so than old-school case study templates used in most clinics or hospitals. To learn more about writing medical case studies, see official guidelines from the BMJ.

Download here


A very simple and straightforward template for a two-pager case study from Visme. If you want to focus on hard numbers and skip (most of) the narrative, you’ll get what you’re looking for with this design.

Download here


The second two-page case study template in our gallery, “Minerva” from Venngage. The two-column layout lets you save space and fit more information, the bright colors will guide the readers’ eyes to what matters most.

Download here


Coming from our semi-direct competitor (so I was hesitant to include it!), the Xtensio template for a case study works because it’s just so, sooo easy to use. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and their wizard will make sure your contents look great. Yet, there is a trade-off: you will have a very limited degree of control, you’ll need to color inside the lines.

Download here


The first of some of the more advanced case study templates, this one by OrcShape 2 features styled spaces for testimonials, image placeholders, and some ready-to-use graphics and icons. Quite corporate and “serious” in its vibe it will work great for financial or technological case studies. Note: only available for InDesign editing.

Download here


“Flyer” by the AestheticCraftDesign studio stands out due to its unorthodox use of dark colors for key snippets of text. The design is original and fresh and will work great across most use cases and industries. Editable in Photoshop and MS Word.

Download here

All the templates above?

Yeah, they’re pretty. But Storydoc gives you much more than nice-looking presentations. 

We deliver real results. 

Transform your static presentation with Storydoc and close more deals, improve engagement metrics, and increase your customer base. Like these teams did:



A great marketing case study template, “SWOT” brought to you by GraphicArte looks very professional and well thought out. Bonus points for some great data visualization options and the easy switching between 6 color schemes. Available for MS Word and InDesign (but user reviews say making edits in the former is not-so-seamless).

Download here


Designed to imitate an actual booklet (so great for printing out, if you need to), this business case study template features 20 uniquely-designed pages, plenty of additional graphic elements, and a pack of custom fonts and icons. Will be a good choice for more complex case studies, not so much for bulleted summaries. Available for Photoshop and InDesign.

Download here


Based on an actual case study for Spotto, a mobile event app, and made available to the public, it’s probably the best-looking case study template design on our list. The dynamic layout is truly mesmerizing, so are the colors and the transitions between slides. Of course, the main drawback is that it will be hard to use it in any industry outside of app development but I loved the looks so much, I had to include it here.

Download here


This UX case study template called “Synergy” and designed by Purva Chandurkar comes with tons of space for text and many visual elements such as charts, timelines, or graphs. Out of all the templates I gathered here, this one is the best for highly technical case studies where you need to explain the process in greater detail, not just jump to results and conclusions.

Download here

And that's a wrap!


Hope you found a case study template to kill for. For the final word, just make sure you pick a layout relevant to your industry and audience. 

For corporate case studies, you might want to tone down the creative graphics, for more relaxed studies from startups or SMBs, going with a more youthful vibe might be the perfect way to have your case study resonate with the readers.

John McTale

Hi, I'm John, Editor-in-chief at Storydoc. As a content marketer and digital writer specializing in B2B SaaS, my main goal is to provide you with up-to-date tips for effective business storytelling and equip you with all the right tools to enable your sales efforts.