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10+ Best White Paper Templates: Word, GDocs & More

10+ Best White Paper Templates...


10+ Best White Paper Templates: Word, GDocs & More

Frustrated by all those identically-looking white paper templates? We’ve got you covered. See the most professional white paper designs, all in one place.


John McTale


Oct 2, 2021





Let me guess… The reason you’re here is because you want to make your white paper more exciting and elegant than just a plain MS Word document. The problem? Most of the white paper templates available online are bland, boring, or simply old-school.

While doing research for this article, I was stunned to see how many white paper templates look as if they were taken out of the 90s. White papers are crucial to establishing thought leadership for your business. Their design should be just as polished as the content. And that’s what I’m here to help you with.

I rummaged through hundreds of white paper templates to compile only the best of the best for you to pick. See the gallery below, choose the template you like best, and download with a single click.


Storydoc white paper templates


Kicking off the list with our very own templates that redefine the modern white paper. See—

Static MS Word white papers won’t really excite your readers anymore. To make a lasting impression, you need an extra gear, and it’s exactly what you get with Storydoc. Our white papers are interactive and dynamic, letting you tell an inspiring story and helping you present complex information in an easily digestible way.

Just have a look at what your white paper might look like and take Storydoc for a free 30-day spin!

Here's a white paper template transformed in our tool:



Static PDFs are a relic of the past. With Storydoc, you’ll get interactive content you never thought you’d have. Wow your audience, make a lasting impression, and land more deals. Ready in a flash.


Need other templates for different kinds of business docs, too? See some of our galleries with hand-picked beauties:

Now, onto the list of the finest white paper templates available online!


The best white paper templates to download



Security (free)

Simple yet elegant, with page layout designed to accommodate all the parts of a standard white paper while helping you make a very professional impression. The only downside is that some sections are not so easy to adjust.

Editing: MS Word, Google Docs.

Download here

Basic (free)

An MS Word white paper template designed by the Microsoft team themselves. As per authors’ description, this one lets you “inform your readers of key and complex issues,” as well as “highlight key data and offer real solutions.” All of what a great white paper should do!

Editing: MS Word.

Download here
digital advertising

Digital advertising

This one, designed by Venngage, is visibly more adventurous than the two previous ones. A great choice if your white paper contains lots of data you want to visualize to make an impact. Comes with easy-to-use charts and other dataviz tools and an eye-catching design.

Editing: in-app.

Download here


Another one from Venngage, a bit more toned down but still making a great first impression thanks to a smart choice of colors and big, bold headings for enhanced readability. Will work great for teams in marketing, consulting, or PR.

Editing: in-app.

Download here

Simple (free)

Nothing too flashy about this one but it’s well balanced and features tons of white space to let your readers’ eyes rest for a bit. Plus, it has a lot of nicely-positioned placeholders for images so if your white paper contains a lot of pictures, this one will serve you great.

Editing: MS Word, Google Docs.

Download here

Education (free)

Still very modest and straightforward, this template, designed with the education industry in mind, comes to life with an addition of some bright, positive colors. 

Editing: MS Word, Google Docs.

Download here

All the templates above?

Yeah, they’re pretty. But Storydoc gives you much more than nice-looking presentations. 

We deliver real results. 


Transform your static presentation with Storydoc and close more deals, improve engagement metrics, and increase your customer base. Like these teams did:



A fun, lively, and dynamic white paper template created for startup founders to be able to share their business expertise in an engaging way. Comes with a big pack of custom vector icons to aid the visual storytelling side of your white paper.

Editing: in-app.

Download here


One of the most advanced designs in our gallery, this one is a very professional template for a brochure-like white paper. Great when you want to print your document out, less so when only used for a digital version. It gives you a lot of versatility and room for custom tweaks, but requires a basic knowledge of PS (and a license, of course).

Editing: Photoshop.

Download here
company profile

Company profile

Another stunning white paper template created by Tanvir Ahmed Bhuiyan of Bangladesh. A fantastic pick for IT professionals or engineers—it features a lot of data visualization options for highly technical specifications.

Editing: InDesign.

Download here
deep analysis

Deep analysis

I’ll be frank, to me, this is the best-looking template in this gallery. Much like with the other examples of foldable white paper templates above, it might not work great when previewed on a screen, instead of in print, but the design itself is flawless. Kudos to the creator, Erick Ragas!

Editing: InDesign.

Download here
solar energy

Solar energy

Last but not least, another highly-advanced template for a stunning white paper, created by Artur Bartnik. It features countless fill-in-the-blanks templates for all sorts of data visualizations you might need, strategically-located image placeholders, and dedicated page layouts for different sections of your white paper. Sound too good to be true? Well, the only problem might be the difficulty of editing if you’re not familiar with some basic graphic design software.

Editing: InDesign, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher.

Download here

And that's a wrap!


Thanks for reading my piece. Hope you found a white paper template perfect for your needs. Remember—complex issues deserve exciting formats so don’t undersell your subject matter expertise by picking a bland white paper template. Go for something a bit more creative, your readers will thank you for it!

John McTale

Hi, I'm John, Editor-in-chief at Storydoc. As a content marketer and digital writer specializing in B2B SaaS, my main goal is to provide you with up-to-date tips for effective business storytelling and equip you with all the right tools to enable your sales efforts.