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What makes Storydoc better than PowerPoint or PDF?

With your same-old PowerPoint film press kit design, you’ll never stand out or engage.

directors and potential sponsors have seen beautiful film press kit PPTs and PDFs a thousand times before.

Though visually appealing, they’re still static, dull, and hard to understand.

What is the goal of a film press kit?

The goal of a film press kit is to provide journalists, media outlets, and festival organizers with all the essential information about a film.

It helps generate buzz, secure media coverage, and attract potential investors or distributors by showcasing the film's unique value.

What should a film press kit template include?

  1. Cover page: Title, tagline, and an eye-catching image.
  2. Synopsis: A brief summary of the film's plot.
  3. Cast and crew bios: Short biographies and headshots of key cast and crew members.
  4. Director’s statement: Insights from the director about the film's inspiration and vision.
  5. Production notes: Behind-the-scenes information and interesting facts about the production.
  6. Press releases: Official announcements and news about the film.
  7. Contact information: How to reach the film’s PR or marketing team.

Why use a Storydoc template instead of paying a design agency?

  1. Stroydocs are 2x more engaging than a typical agency-made film press kit template.
  2. Our templates cost a fraction of the price you pay an agency.
  3. With Storydoc you can produce content about 5x faster than using the legacy design approach.

What makes a good film press kit design?

  1. Visual appeal: Use high-quality images and a professional layout to capture attention.
  2. Interactivity: Include interactive elements like videos and clickable links to engage viewers.
  3. Storytelling: Craft a compelling narrative about the film to make it memorable.
  4. Ease of navigation: Ensure the press kit is easy to navigate with clear sections.
  5. Clarity: Present information clearly and concisely to avoid overwhelming readers.
  6. Brand consistency: Maintain a consistent style and branding throughout the press kit.

What are the main types of film press kits?

  1. Digital press kits: Interactive and easy to distribute online.
  2. Printed press kits: Traditional format, often used at festivals and events.
  3. Electronic press kits (EPKs): Combines video, audio, and digital documents for a multimedia experience.

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