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What makes a great one-pager report template?

A great one-pager report is achieved by achieving a better understanding with less content. The way to do this is by leveraging interactive content that pulls attention to where it’s needed when it’s needed.

You can create a highly-engaging report by using motion, color, video, and animation and progressively exposing new content, you can keep your reader focused on the item of information at hand before moving to the next.

What is the best one-pager report format?

The best report format uses a scroll-based narrative structure similar to a webpage. You should avoid using PDFs or PowerPoints for your reports as they weren’t built for long-form content. PDF was built for printed documents and PPTs were built as visual aids for verbal presentations. Most people hate reading content on both of these formats.

All the one-pager report templates in this gallery were built for scrolliteling, and easily engage readers by delivering their familiar web reading experience.

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