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What is a company pitch deck?

A company pitch deck is a presentation showcasing your company’s main solution, expertise, and know-how. It provides an introduction to your company, team, and technology.

A company presentation is used in 2 main ways, (1) either as a fundraising pitch deck meant for potential investors or (2) as a company intro at the early stages of the sales process meant to build prospective buyers’ confidence in your company as a trustworthy, capable, and relevant provider.

How can I prepare my company presentation?

You can (and probably should) prepare your company presentation using a ready-made company deck template, preferably one with validated high performance in the real world.

You can find such company pitch deck templates on this very page. Use them to streamline your work, save time, and create your best solution deck to date.

Types of company decks

  1. Company pitch deck
  2. Company profile presentation
  3. Company intro sales presentation
  4. Company solution deck
  5. Company business plan presentation
  6. Product presentation
  7. Company services presentation

What should a company presentation include?

A company pitch deck presentation should include 8 basic slides:

  1. Cover - Hook readers with appealing visuals and your UVP
  2. About us - tell them who you are, what you're expert at, and what values you represent
  3. Who is your solution for - use cases, industries, audiences
  4. Your promise for change - what positive outcomes your solution brings (in numbers)
  5. Features and benefits
  6. Social proof - what our customers say about you (testimonials, quotes, and reviews)
  7. Clients and partners
  8. Next step - A call to action asking for a small commitment (book a meeting, signup to webinar, subscribe to a newsletter, signup for a free trial, etc.)

Why presenting a company in PowerPoint no longer works

Nobody like reading PPTs and PDFs. They provide a horrible reading experience. Most of us are accustomed to reading by scrolling down not clicking laterally. You and I read mostly on mobile devices and this is true for your prospects too.

It’s time to move from legacy tools like PowerPoint that make you look as irrelevant as everybody else. The template on this page is all modern interactive scrolliteling decks that provide an engaging and entertaining experience.

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