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What makes a great consulting pitch deck template?

A good consulting pitch deck template is clear, well structured, and visually appealing. It should lead you in laying down the story of your business, your services, and the outcomes you are promising to provide your clients.

A great consulting pitch deck template is interactive, and includes videos, animations, and narrated scrolling. It delivers a storytelling experience rather than a reading task.

To use our consulting services pitch deck templates with the best results you should use the predefined structure to introduce your company and services to potential clients, and include all of the information that the client would need to make a decision about acquiring your services.

What should a consultant pitch deck template include?

  1. An overview of your company
  2. A description of your services
  3. What sets you apart from other consultants or consultancy firms
  4. Information about your team, and their experience
  5. Your approach to solving the client's problem
  6. How you will help them achieve their goals
  7. What results they can expect from working with you
  8. Detailed information about your pricing structure and any other costs associated with working with you
  9. Social proof like testimonials, quotes, and case studies that showcase past achievements
  10. Next steps

To learn more, read our guide on what needs to be included in a pitch deck.

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