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What makes Storydoc better than PowerPoint or PDF?

With your same-old PowerPoint digital marketing pitch deck design, you’ll never stand out, let alone engage.

Decision-makers and investors have seen beautiful digital marketing pitch deck PPTs and PDFs a thousand times before.

Though pretty, they’re still static, dull, and hard to understand.

To learn how to level up your marketing decks read our resources on what is a marketing deck and what good examples look like, or our guide on how to create a marketing pitch deck.

What is the goal of a digital marketing agency pitch deck?

The goal of a digital marketing agency pitch deck is to effectively communicate the agency's value proposition.

Showcase its expertise and services, and persuade potential clients or investors of its capability to meet their digital marketing needs and achieve their objectives.

What should a digital marketing agency pitch deck template include?

  • A compelling introduction slide that grabs attention
  • Overview of the agency’s history and mission
  • Detailed services offered and unique selling propositions
  • Case studies or success stories with measurable results
  • Team introduction to showcase expertise and credibility
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients
  • Pricing packages or models
  • Clear call-to-action (CTA) slide

Why use a Storydoc template instead of paying a design agency?

  1. Stroydocs are 2x more engaging than a typical agency-made digital marketing pitch deck.
  2. Our templates cost a fraction of the price you pay an agency.
  3. With Storydoc you can produce content about 5x faster than using the legacy design approach.

Generate a digital marketing sales pitch deck with our AI sales deck creator.

What makes a good digital marketing agency pitch deck design?

  1. Clarity and conciseness in messaging
  2. Consistent and professional branding throughout
  3. High-quality visuals and graphics
  4. Interactive elements to engage the audience
  5. Storytelling to make the content relatable and memorable
  6. Data visualization for complex information
  7. Clear call-to-action on what steps to take next

What are the main types of digital marketing agency pitch decks?

  • Service Introduction Deck
  • Client Case Study Deck
  • Sales Proposal Deck
  • Investment Pitch Deck
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