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What makes a great fundraising presentation template?

A great fundraising presentation template is personalized for a specific fund, donor, or investor. It showcases what value your organization provides from the donor’s perspective, and uses their language to express it.

A good fundraising pitch deck is visually appealing, and communicates clearly, and concisely. An outstanding fundraising presentation leverages interactive content and multimedia to pull readers in and keep them engaged.

Keep in mind that a fundraising PowerPoint template will always come short since 99% of PPTs look alike and they do not let you add videos, calculators, animations, and more.

What to include in a fundraising pitch deck template?

A fundraising pitch deck should include 8 basic slides:

  1. Cover
  2. Intro - about your organization
  3. Vision, goals, and objectives
  4. Past achievements
  5. Awards and certificates
  6. Financials
  7. Use of funds or donations
  8. Next steps

How to build a fundraising presentation?

The easiest way to build a fundraising presentation is to use a dedicated pitch deck maker, preferably one that provides you with verified pre-made templates shown to perform well.

Premade fundraising deck templates will save you time and money on structuring and designing your presentation and let you remove the uncertainty involved with having to plan a pitch deck from scratch.

Fundraising pitch deck VS standard pitch deck

The difference between a fundraising pitch deck and a standard pitch deck (read here what a pitch deck is) is that a fundraising deck has a stronger emphasis on what values and goals the funds will work toward achieving, rather than the ability to achieve growth and generate ROI.

How to take your fundraising pitch deck templates beyond any PowerPoint?

The templates on this page are the new generation of fundraising pitch decks. They take you from static and boring PPTs and PDFs to interactive web-based slides that grab attention and engage readers.

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