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What makes a great marketing pitch deck template?

An amazing marketing pitch deck template will have 3 main features: (1) responsive design that makes it easy to consume the pitch deck on any device, (2) Interactive content like video, animation, and audio, that lets you reduce textual load, and (3) a storytelling structure that makes takes your deck from being a reading task to an engaging experience.

To create a marketing pitch deck that captures hearts and minds, you’ll need to do better than your PowerPoint marketing presentations to date. You’ll need to apply interactive content that relies on web technology rather than a desktop application.

How these marketing pitch deck templates go beyond any PowerPoint

A marketing PowerPoint pitch deck template can only take you so far. PPTs are a 30-year-old technology and it looks as much. It’s all too easy to overload your PowerPoint with text and all too common to see complex diagrams stuffed into a single slide.

To outperform your competition, stand out, and win over your potential clients, you’ll need next-gen marketing pitch templates like the ones on this page.

They save you from making yet another static, boring, complex presentation, and deliver instead an interactive, memorable, easy-to-follow narrated experience, that’s web-based, scroll-based, and story-based.

Storydoc templates also come with complete user analytics, with invaluable insight on who is using your decks, what slides they engage with, and who they are sharing the decks with.

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