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What makes a great startup pitch deck template?

A great startup pitch deck is built to be an experience rather than a task. Investors are not ones to have plenty of spare time and as such they expect your pitch deck to be clear and concise, and well structured.

A good startup pitch deck template uses a storytelling structure to guide investors through your business plan while conveying information as well as emotion.

A great startup pitch presentation template is one that stands out. It does so by doing more than just being visually attractive. It does so by incorporating interactive multimedia content like video and audio.

To create a startup pitch deck that stands out you’ll need to go beyond any PowerPoint presentation you’ve ever used and make your first Storydoc.

How these startup pitch deck templates go beyond any PowerPoint

Startup PowerPoint pitch templates are a blunt instrument. PowerPoint was first released over 30 years ago, and today PPT startup templates are all the same, even if they are designed nicely. PPTs are static, not mobile friendly, and complicated to understand.

The templates on this page go beyond that and deliver an interactive, mobile-friendly, easy-to-follow storytelling experience. They are web-based, scroll-based, and come with a host of specialized slides that break complex information into bite-size sections using narration techniques.

Storydoc startup deck templates also come with a complete analytics suite that lets you get insights into who reads your deck, when, and where. As well as how many times the deck was shared and which slides got the most viewing time.

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