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Video & text introduction slide template
Image & text introduction slide
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About me Introduction slide
About us Introduction slide
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Animated introduction slide template - Video & bullets
Animated introduction slide - Video & text
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About us introduction slide templat - 3 blocks - Icons
About us introduction slide - Animated list
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About us introduction slide template - 3 blocks - Images
About us introduction slide - 3 blocks - Images
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What is an introduction slide?

An introduction slide can mean 1 of 3 things: (1) a slide that gives an overview of the speaker, company, or team giving the presentation. (2) an overview of the project, product, solution, or event covered in the presentation. (3) an overview of the presentation content. The goal of the first use is to establish authority and trust, while the goal of the second and third uses is to establish relevancy and interest.

How to make creative introduction slides?

To get creative with your introduction slides you’ll have to go beyond PowerPoint into the realm of interactive slides. It is very hard to get creative if you’re making a PowerPoint introduction slide. By nature, an introduction slide in ppt is static and therefore severely limited in space and behavior.

How interactive introduction slides make an impact

1. Video intro slide - a video slide is much better at relating with your audience. A living person with a voice, gestures, and expressions adds a layer of non-verbal communication that is critical to establish relatability and trustworthiness.

2. Tabs - Using tabs lets you introduce multiple entities from the same space. You can have a tab for the speaker, the team, leadership, partners, and the company as a whole. You can also segment your intro for different reader personas, with content tailored for each audience.

3. Timeline - Take your readers on a journey through your company or personal history using a timeline slide, and let the reader appreciate each significant moment on its own.

4. Image & text - It’s always better to have a story and a visual to help people make the connection between the two. You can use your photo for a personal intro, your team photo for a team intro, and an image of your company building or logo or recognizable activity for a company intro.

What are the main introduction slide types?

  1. Self-introduction slide - gives an overview of the speaker or presenter
  2. Team introduction slide - gives an overview of the team, its expertise, experience, and achievements
  3. Company introduction slide - gives an overview of the company, its vision, values, and main solutions (sometimes extended to a complete company presentation)
  4. Project introduction slide - gives an overview of the project, its goals, timeline, key metrics, and deliverables (mostly as part of a project proposal)
  5. Product introduction slide - gives an overview of the product, its target audience, the problem it solves, and how it will disrupt the market (mostly as part of a product one-pager)
  6. Webinar introduction slide - gives an overview of the webinar, the topic it covers, who it’s for, what it takes to participate, and when it will take place

Difference between an intro slide, executive introduction, and title slide

An introduction slide is not to be confused with an executive introduction, also called an executive summary slide. Nor should it be confused with the presentation’s title slide.

An intro slide gives an overview of the company, project, product, team, leadership, or person of interest. An executive summary slide gives an introductory overview of the presentation. A title slide is simply the first slide of the presentation.

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