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What makes a good quotes slide template?

A good quotes slide template should clearly present a test as a quote (using quotation marks). It should include the name and title of the person being quoted/ Having the person’s image and company logo will add to the quote’s credibility.

What is the goal of a quotation slide?

The goal of a quotes slide is to showcase powerful or insightful statements from individuals or organizations that support the presentation's message or thesis. It can lend your presentation credibility, authority, and emotional appeal.

What should a quotes slide template include?

  1. A quote: The main feature of the slide should be the quote itself.
  2. Attribution: It is important to attribute the quote to its original source.
  3. Visual elements: To make the slide visually appealing, it can include additional graphics or images that relate to the quote or the speaker.

What makes these quotes slides better than any PowerPoint?

A PowerPoint quote slide is relatively easy to make or find online but to get the full benefit of a quotation slide you want to bring your quote to life. This can only be done with interactive slides like the ones on this page.

You can add an image of the speaker, a silent video (harry potter style), or replace the text quote with a video message or testimonial. Doing this will give more attention to your quote and grant it added credibility and relatability.

What are the main types of quotes slide templates?

  1. Text quote slide: a simple single text quote on a slide.
  2. Multiple quotes: a slide with a number of quotes that support each other and the main presentation message
  3. Image slide: a quote slide where the person being quoted is well known enough to merit the image taking front stage rather than the quoted text (well suited for when the who is more important than the what)
  4. Video quote slide: a video of a person of authority or quality with a message that reinforced your deck's main message.

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