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Thank you slide with animation & CTA
Thank you slide template
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Professional thank you slide template with embedded calendar
Professional thank you slide with embedded calendar
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Thank you slide for presentation template - CTA - Image background
Thank you slide for presentation - CTA - Image background
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Cute thank you slide template - Team image
Cute thank you slide - Team image
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Thank you slide with quote & personal photo
Thank you slide with quote & personal photo
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What is a thank you slide template?

A thank you slide template is a slide or set of slides in a presentation that expresses gratitude to the audience (in case of an onstage presentation) or the reader (in case of a reading presentation). It is used as the last slide of a presentation and is typically the slide left visible during Q&A. A thank you slide is considered a bad presentation example since it squanders the opportunity to use a call-to-action, provide contact opportunities, or reiterate the main message.

What makes a professional thank you slide template?

A professional thank you slide goes beyond saying thank you. It should harness the persuasive power of a well-made presentation to get people to act. You can thank your audience but do not leave it at that. Instead, give them a clear next step. This can be to connect with you on social media, buy your book, sign up for a conference or a webinar, book a meeting, or any other action you want to compel your audience to take.

What are the main types of thank you slides?

  1. Animated thank you slides
  2. Thank you and Q&A slide
  3. Contact us thank you slide
  4. Call-to-Action (CTA) thank you slide
  5. Takeaways (main points) thank you slide
  6. Thank you slide with a quote
  7. Simple thank you slide (just say “thank you”)

What does a thank you slide template include?

A thank you slide template typically includes any of the following (on their own or in various combinations):

  1. A message of appreciation
  2. An endearing graphic or image that helps to convey a positive sentiment
  3. A list of names or organizations that the presenter wishes to give credit to
  4. The presenter’s Contact information like email, direct mail, and social media handles
  5. The main message of the presentation

How to make a creative thank you slide for ppt?

Making a creative thank you slide for ppt requires a delicate balance between new and accepted concepts specifically for your target audience. A creative thank-you slide needs to say a lot with very little, and for that, you must know and understand the world of associations within a given group. Then you can use visuals and specific language to get the precise reaction you’re aiming for.

In terms of creative design, it is near-impossible to be creative with PowerPoint. Nearly every design has been tried a thousand times over using this 30-year-old medium.

To be creative with your thank you slide and presentation as a whole, you may want to try next-generation presentation makers that are built for the web and incorporate interactive content and multimedia (video, sound, live graphs, etc.)

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