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What makes Storydoc better than PowerPoint or PDF?

With your same-old PowerPoint customer onboarding presentation design, you’ll never stand out, let alone engage.

Clients have seen beautiful onboarding PPTs and PDFs a thousand times before. Though pretty, they’re still static, dull, and hard to understand.

Storydoc’s interactive client onboarding presentation design brings your content to life with animation, annotation, and narration that tell a story, not just present information.

What is the goal of a client onboarding presentation template?

The primary goal of a client onboarding presentation template is to provide a structured and efficient way to introduce new clients to your company, services, and processes.

It aims to build trust, set clear expectations, and pave the way for a successful and collaborative partnership.

What makes a good client onboarding presentation design?

  1. Simplicity: Keep the design clean and free from clutter. Use consistent fonts, colors, and visuals.
  2. Relevance: Tailor the content to the client's specific needs and industry.
  3. Interactivity: Incorporate clickable elements or interactive sections to engage the client and make the presentation dynamic.
  4. Storytelling: Weave a compelling narrative throughout the presentation to take the client on a journey, highlighting the benefits of working with your company.
  5. Visual Appeal: Use high-quality images, infographics, and visuals that resonate with the client's brand and values.
  6. Clear Call-to-Action: Guide the client on the next steps, whether it's scheduling a follow-up meeting or signing a contract.

Why use a Storydoc template instead of paying a design agency?

  1. Stroydocs are 2x more engaging than a typical agency-made client onboarding presentation
  2. Our templates cost a fraction of the price you pay an agency.
  3. With Storydoc you can produce content about 5x faster than using the legacy design approach.

What should a client onboarding presentation template include?

  1. Introduction Slide: Briefly introduce your company and team.
  2. Services Overview: Highlight the key services you offer and how they benefit the client.
  3. Process Breakdown: Outline the steps of your working process from start to finish.
  4. Case Studies: Showcase past successes with similar clients or industries.
  5. Client Responsibilities: Clearly define what you'll need from the client to ensure a smooth collaboration.
  6. Timeline: Provide an estimated timeline for key milestones and deliverables.
  7. Communication Channels: Specify how and when you'll communicate, including points of contact.
  8. Feedback and Iteration: Explain how feedback will be incorporated and how revisions are handled.
  9. Contract and Pricing: Detail the terms of the agreement, including costs and payment terms.

What are the main types of client onboarding presentations?

  • Service-Specific Templates: Tailored for specific services like marketing, design, or consulting.
  • Industry-Specific Templates: Designed for particular industries such as healthcare, finance, or technology.
  • Project-Based Templates: For one-off projects with a defined scope and timeline.
  • Retainer-Based Templates: For ongoing, long-term collaborations.

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