Interactive cyber security presentation templates (free)

Go beyond PowerPoint. Use the best interactive cyber security presentation templates with themes and slides that are easy to use and impossible to break.

cyber security presentation templates beyond PowerPoint

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cyber security presentation template
Company presentation for cyber security
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cyber security sales one pager presentation template
Sales one-pager for cyber security
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cyber security investor pitch deck presentation template
Investor pitch deck presentation for cyber security
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modern cyber security proposal presentation template
Modern project proposal presentation for cyber security
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General proposal presentation template for cyber security
General proposal presentation for cyber security
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What makes a great cybersecurity presentation?

To make a great presentation you’ll want to use as little text as possible and apply white space to reduce the cognitive load of reading the presentation.

The best approach to achieve a cyber security presentation with high engagement is to go beyond your everyday static PPT slides and create interactive storytelling experiences with modern-day slides built for web reading.

What should a cyber security template include?

An effective cyber security template will normally include 8 basic slides:

  1. Cover (strong visual hook)
  2. Hook (your elevator pitch)
  3. Company intro
  4. Problem and solution (+use cases)
  5. Overview (in numbers)
  6. Features and benefits
  7. Our clients (testimonials, reviews, logos, or video recommendations)
  8. Next step

Static vs interactive cyber security presentation templates

The main difference between static cyber security PowerPoint templates and interactive presentation templates is that the former is hard to read and frustrating to navigate, while the latter is easy to follow and simple to understand.

The reason is that modern reading is down by scrolling down a page, where we are exposed to limited content at any given time. This lets us focus on a small bit of information without getting mentally fatigued.

Types of cyber security templates

5 commonly used types of cyber security PowerPoint presentation templates:

  1. Company intro one-pager
  2. Sales one-pager template
  3. Investor pitch deck template
  4. Project proposal template
  5. General proposal template

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