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New employee orientation deck template for memorable content. Impress new hires with interactive employee onboarding presentation design beyond PPT.

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What makes Storydoc better than PowerPoint or PDF?

With your same-old PowerPoint new hire orientation presentation design, you’ll never engage, let alone motivate. New hires don’t care for beautiful new hires welcome PPTs.

They want to learn what’s next in a way that keeps their attention. Powerpoints, though pretty, are still static, dull, and hard to understand.

Storydoc’s interactive employee orientation presentation design brings your content to life with animation, annotation, and narration that tell a story, not just present information.

What is the goal of a new hire orientation presentation template?

The goal of a new hire orientation presentation template is to provide a structured and engaging introduction to the company, its culture, and the role of the new employee. It aims to make new hires feel welcomed, informed, and prepared to start their journey with the organization.

What makes a good new hire orientation presentation design?

  1. Simplicity: Use clear and concise slides, avoiding clutter.
  2. Branding Consistency: Incorporate company colors, logos, and themes.
  3. Interactivity: Engage the audience with interactive elements like polls or Q&A sessions.
  4. Storytelling: Weave a narrative that connects the company's history, values, and vision.
  5. Visual Appeal: Use high-quality images, graphics, and animations.
  6. Clear Structure: Organize content logically, with a beginning, middle, and end.
  7. Relevance: Tailor content to the audience, addressing their specific needs and concerns.

Why use a Storydoc template instead of paying a design agency?

  1. Stroydocs are 2x more engaging than a typical agency-made new hire orientation presentation
  2. Our templates cost a fraction of the price you pay an agency.
  3. With Storydoc you can produce content about 5x faster than using the legacy design approach.

What should a new hire orientation presentation template include?

  1. Welcome Slide: A warm greeting and introduction.
  2. Company Overview: Brief history, mission, and vision.
  3. Team Introductions: Photos and roles of key team members.
  4. Company Culture: Values, traditions, and what makes the company unique.
  5. Role Clarification: Detailed job description, expectations, and goals.
  6. Training Overview: Outline of training sessions, resources, and timelines.
  7. Benefits and Perks: Highlight employee benefits, perks, and wellness programs.
  8. Policies and Procedures: Important rules, guidelines, and HR information.
  9. Interactive Session: A segment for Q&A, feedback, or group activities.
  10. Closing Slide: Thanking the new hires and encouraging open communication.

What are the main types of new hire orientation presentations?

  • Company-Centric: Focuses on company history, values, and culture.
  • Role-Specific: Tailored to individual job roles and responsibilities.
  • Training and Development: Highlights training programs and growth opportunities.
  • Interactive Workshops: Hands-on sessions for skill-building and team bonding.
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