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Presentation templates for students that make you stand out

Impress potential employers with free interactive presentation templates for your CV, resume, cover letter, and personal pitch.

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Why use an interactive CV template?

CVs and resumes are evaluated by automatic systems called ATS. These systems rely on common document formats like PDF and Word to process your CV properly. You may fail to meet the criteria during this stage without a single human viewing your resume.

But if you do manage to pass the ATS it is very important to stand out from the crowd.

That’s why sending a modern interactive CV alongside your PDF one is a jobseeking hack for the ages. Our CV templates will make you look like you paid for professional design coding. Our resume templates will instantly make you look like a pro.

Why use an interactive cover letter template?

A cover letter used to give you an extra edge over other candidates. But nowadays most candidates include a cover letter with their application.

To stand out now, your cover letter needs to do something new and exciting. Our cover letter templates will help you turn the traditional letter (wall of text) into an engaging interactive visual web-story.

Our cover letter templates let you include includes, videos, images, moving animations, and storytelling aids that make your letter something truly fun to read.

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