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Research proposal template
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What makes a good project proposal template?

A good research proposal covers 4 areas of importance:

  1. A detailed description of the proposed research
  2. A description of your qualifications
  3. An outline of the proposed methods for data collection and analysis
  4. an estimated budget for your research

The first section of a research proposal should introduce the topic and provide an overview of the research. This section should also include a literature review, which summarizes previous research on the topic.

The second section should describe your qualifications and explain why you are qualified to conduct this particular study.

The third section should outline the proposed methods for data collection and analysis.

In case of any expected research costs, there should be a fourth section to your research proposal template.

The fourth section should provide an estimated budget for your research to ensure that potential funding agencies can assess whether or not your study is worth investing in.

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What should a research proposal include?

Your research proposal template should include a detailed description of the proposed research, as well as information about the researcher's qualifications and the proposed methods of data collection and analysis.

1) Introduction - This section should introduce the topic of your proposed research, as well as provide a brief overview of what you will be discussing further in the document.

2) Literature Review - This part of the proposal should summarize existing research on your topic, highlighting any gaps that you plan to fill with your own study.

3) Research Methodology - Here you will outline how you plan to conduct your study, including information on sample size, data collection methods, etc.

4) Expected Results and implications - In this section, describe what outcomes you anticipate from carrying out this research and explain how they could potentially impact scholars or practitioners in the field.

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