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15+ Professional PowerPoint Templates & Themes: Best in 2021


If you need a professional PowerPoint template for business use, you should never cut corners. You want a design that enhances your brand, highlights your message, and gives you enough flexibility to present different types of content. The problem is, such templates and themes are really hard to come by.

Microsoft's in-built designs look old and clunky. Most online resources that offer business PPT themes don’t have extensive enough personalization options, making their templates insanely frustrating to work with.


All hope is not lost. I’ve spent some serious time researching professional templates for PowerPoint and now, I’m proudly presenting you a gallery of the finest ones out there. 

They look great, are easy to edit and customize, and you can download them with a single click.


Storydoc’s alternative to PowerPoint


Before we get started, though, let me show you an alternative. Storydoc’s templates are dynamic and interactive, helping you deliver your message more effectively, engage your customers and, in the end, close more deals.

And the best part is—our templates are just as easy to use as MS PowerPoint.


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    If you'd like to see other templates for professional presentations, not necessarily for PowerPoint, see our master gallery: The Best Professional Presentation Templates for Business (Multiple Tools)


    Convinced you want to stick to the old way of doing business presentations? Just be careful not to get left behind by your competitors. And—

    At least pick the finest professional PowerPoint template out there. This gallery will help you find one.


    Professional PowerPoint templates for business use

    Doxe PowerPoint template


    Designed by InspireTemplate studio, this business-oriented presentation template has all the visual elements you might need to make your company content informative: you get separate slide layouts for budgeting, project milestones, business values, product features, and more. All wrapped in an eye-pleasing cyan color scheme.

    Download here
    Prode PowerPoint template


    At first glance, quite similar to the previous template, “Prode,” is better suited for more general presentations, such as company overview, project summary, or a quarterly roadmap. Big and bold headings grab attention and let you highlight your main points easily, whatever those might be.

    Download here
    Business strategy PowerPoint template

    Business strategy

    A highly technical PPT template ideal for, you guessed it, outlining your business strategy. As you can see in the picture on the left hand side, you get slides for every typical aspect of business performance analysis and forecast. The best part? The layout and typography is truly beautiful and professional. The main drawback? Customizing this professional PowerPoint design to fit your exact mode of narrative will be difficult.

    Download here
    Pitch deck PowerPoint template

    Pitch deck

    Yet again, it’s all in the name. “Pitch deck” created by MapsBoutique of Romania is an ideal choice for sales or product pitches. It has separate dedicated slides for mockups, testimonials, statistics, and case studies. Plus, over a 1000 vector icons. A cool bonus is that some elements are designed to be interactive (sadly, not all of them seem to work properly or, at least “don’t work on my computer”).

    Download here
    Project proposal PowerPoint template

    Project proposal

    Full disclaimer: it is one of the most expensive templates in our gallery, but you do get a lot inside the pack. “Project Proposal” template offers you an amazing degree of control coupled with ease of use. Most image placeholders support drag-and-drop and your images are automatically adjusted. Plus, once you purchase and download, you’ll regularly receive bonus elements free of charge.

    Download here
    Professional infographic PowerPoint template

    Professional infographic

    Created by a Canadian studio ZenZenArt, this professional template for PowerPoint is so cute and quirky that I couldn’t omit it from the list. Original color scheme will help this one stand out from a crowd of similarly-looking corporate designs, sketch-based charts and infographics add a personal touch. Recommended for smaller companies who want to give off that homely vibe.

    Download here
    Lumosoft PowerPoint template


    “Lumosoft” by Jarmas Creative is a high-contrast, hard-hitting corporate PowerPoint theme developed for maximum readability. Not 100% sold on the white-on-black design of some slides, but at least it’s visually coherent. Recommended for creative agencies in particular.

    Download here
    Business plan PowerPoint template

    Business plan

    “Business Plan” by Nature Works studio is the first professional PowerPoint slide presentation template with a strong focus on photographs instead of visualizations and graphics. It will work very well for industries such as property management, real estate, or architecture.

    Download here
    Tabsa PowerPoint template


    “Tabsa,” by Tabsa studio is yet another pro PowerPoint template on the more creative side of the spectrum. Modern fonts, asymmetrical layout, and subtle shading combine for a very contemporary look. “Tabsa” can find its use in interior design and fashion, as well as creative advertising or PR.

    Download here
    Digital marketing PowerPoint template

    Digital marketing

    Digital marketing is a broad term and so is the collection of slides available in this pack from Design Stock. You’ll get a lot of stylish, minimalist slides here, ideal for executive summaries or mission statements, but also tons of easy-to-fill professional slides for charts, timelines, market trends, competitor analysis. Data visualization at its finest.

    Download here
    Flexibi PowerPoint template


    Looking extremely advanced and professional, the “Flexibi” business PowerPoint template, perhaps paradoxically, lacks a bit of flexibility. It only offers 36 slides so you’ll need to spend some time adjusting each one to the exact message you want to share. Still, I had to include this one here, even if only for how pretty it is (why are we constantly told not to judge a book by it’s cover, huh?).

    Download here
    Flow PowerPoint template


    “People think you need to jam a bunch of data in the slides but it’s a huge mistake. … With this package, you get everything you need to create an impactful presentation.” That’s what its creators, Haluze Design studio, had to say about their “Flow” template. Clearly, this one isn’t hard on data and lets you focus on snappy slogans coupled with images instead. If your business is highly visual (think travel, automotive, the arts), you’ll surely impress your customers with this template.

    Download here


    Free professional PowerPoint templates


    Take Storydoc for a spin for free with a 14-day trial

    Tri-fold brochure PowerPoint template

    Tri-fold brochure

    Its title says it all: “Angled tri-fold brochure.” The first 100% free professional PowerPoint template in our gallery is best suited for more traditional or conservative industries: law, higher education, banking, or charity. Nothing too fancy, looks slightly dated but it’s a decent choice if you need to make some savings on business presentation design.

    Download here
    Aida PowerPoint template


    Created by Powerpointify, the “Aida” template is a basic but solid design. It only offers 13 pre-designed slides but comes with a fair selection of extras to make the end result personalized enough: custom fonts, 16 color gradients, a few editable tables and charts, plus unique vector icons.

    Download here
    Altezza PowerPoint template


    Last but not least: Altezza. Minimalist and elegant with huge amounts of white space to give your customers some breathing room while guiding their eyes to what matters most. Strategic (but not too aggressive) placement of bright red shapes will help your audience keep fully focused without overwhelming them.

    Download here


    And that’s a wrap


    Thanks for reading (and viewing!). Hope you found a professional PowerPoint template to kill for. Have fun putting together your presentation, I’m sure you’ll nail it.


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