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What makes a great VC pitch deck template?

A great VC pitch deck template is one that stands out above the noise and resonates with your prospective investors on an emotional level. To do so the template needs to do what most VC PowerPoint templates don’t do, which is lay your business idea within a story framework and use interactive content to make the story come to life.

To create a winning pitch deck for investors you’ll need a template that lets you use interactive content like videos, animations, and sound, as well as dynamic data visualization, like live graphs, and components that help narrate your business plan and vision step by step.

There are many VC PowerPoint pitch deck presentation templates spread across the web, but to get your investors’ attention you’ll need to do what very few templates can do - truly engage the reader.

How these VC pitch deck templates go beyond any PowerPoint

With the templates on this page, you can safely avoid death by PowerPoint and move from static, boring, overly-complex slides to interactive, captivating, easy-to-understand slides that provide an immersive story experience.

Stroydoc VC pitch deck templates are web-based, scroll-based, storytelling machines. They are built to narrate your business story in a flowing and entertaining fashion and they provide you the analytics you need to turn great templates into perfect ones.

They give you invaluable business intel, like when, who read your decks, who they shared them with, where and when your decks were read, and how long the reader spent reading them.

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