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What is a roadmap template?

A roadmap template is a visual representation of a company's plans, goals, vision, and direction for a specific product, project, or initiative. It typically includes a timeline with key milestones and deliverables, a list of features to be completed, as well as potential issues or roadblocks to address.

A good roadmap slide template gives you an effective design and content layout to help you communicate the details of your roadmap effectively to stakeholders.

What makes a good roadmap slide?

A good roadmap slide applies a timeline design to effectively communicate your plans and goals to stakeholders. You should also block important information into milestones or district sections that can be reviewed separately.

Your road map slide should connect deliverables to outcomes to help stakeholders understand their business impact. It is also essential to show where you are in the roadmap process, including what has been completed and what is still left to do.

To get the best outcomes from your roadmap slide templates you should invest first learn how to write a roadmap. You can then use our templates and see immediate results. You may also want to learn how to create a roadmap based on industry best practices.

Types of roadmap slide templates

  1. Product and software roadmap (product development: feature, epic, or MVP)
  2. Project roadmap
  3. Technology roadmap (R&D or DevOps)
  4. Strategy roadmap
  5. IT roadmap
  6. Digital marketing roadmap
  7. Data strategy roadmap
  8. UX roadmap
  9. HR roadmap
  10. Growth roadmap
  11. Enterprise architecture roadmap
  12. Delivery roadmap

What makes these roadmap slides better than any PowerPoint?

Interactive slides are more effective than your same-old PPT slides because they increase engagement, improve performance, and are easier to design.

They are web-based and scroll-based which means that they are intuitive to follow and understand. They allow you to segment content and expose hidden content only when it’s needed and their design is impossible to break.

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