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Animated presentation templates: Engage your readers

Best free animated presentation templates for engaging storytelling. Use themes and slides that take your presentation from boring to captivating.

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Why use animated presentation templates?

There is no question that animated presentation templates for Powerpoint or any other presentation software make your presentation easier to consume and its content more memorable.

Additionally, animation can be used to create a sense of urgency or excitement, helping to motivate your viewers to take action.

Using animation in your presentation can help to make your presentations more engaging and effective. By using animation, you can add movement and visual interest to your slides, which can keep your audience's attention focused on your message.

Animated presentation templates help keep audiences' attention focused on y our message for longer, and can be used to create a sense of urgency.

How to choose the best animated template for you?

When selecting an animated template for your presentation, it is important to choose one that matches the tone and style of your message. Too much animation can be distracting or overwhelming, while too little may not add enough impact. It is also important to make sure that all of the animations in your presentation are consistent with each other so that they do not distract from or confuse your main points.

Animated PPT template - good or bad?

It is very hard to create a good animated PPT presentation because PowerPoint was never built for animation. It is hard work and the outcome is usually underwhelming. That’s why it is usually a better option to create your animated presentation with a dedicated animated presentation maker like Storydoc.

With Storydoc you get easy-to-use ready-made animated slides that are impossible to break and will always look great. Go from boring, old PPTs to new and engaging Storydocs.

How create an animated PowerPoint

  1. First, create the basic structure of your animation. This will involve creating a series of slides that will be displayed one after the other.
  2. Select one of the slides and then go to Animations > Add Animation - in the window that pops up, select “From Beginning” and then click “OK”. Your slide should now start animating automatically when it is displayed in front of an audience

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