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Professional presentation templates beyond PowerPoint

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What makes a professional PowerPoint background?

When selecting a professional presentation background, it's important to choose something that sets the tone for your presentation and reflects your brand.

If you're giving a serious business presentation, you'll want to use darker colors and more conservative graphics. If you're giving a more lighthearted presentation about your company culture or recent achievements, then you can be more creative with your choice of background image or color palette.

Align your presentation background with your audience preference

Your audience is another important consideration when choosing a background for PowerPoint or Storydoc. Some audiences prefer minimalistic designs while others might prefer something more flashy or colorful. It's important to tailor your design choices accordingly so that you don't alienate any potential viewers.

Beware of using too many competing colors and graphics in your slide backgrounds as this can be visually jarring for viewers. Try to stick with 2 or 3 complementary colors for each slide Backgrounds should also be consistent with branding guidelines across all media channels. This includes website design , stationery , social media profiles , etc

How to make the most of your professional presentation template?

There are a few things to consider when you sit down to make your presentation with your prefered presentation maker. The first is the overall tone of the presentation. Is it serious or more lighthearted? Next, consider your audience and what will appeal to them. Finally, make sure that the colors and graphics in the background are consistent with your branding.

How choose the right professional template background?

When working on your presentation slides, whether on Microsoft Powerpoint or on Storydoc, there are 3 key points to remember:

  1. Choose an image that sets the right tone - dark images work well for serious presentations while lighter images work well for less formal presentations
  2. Keep text legible - avoid busy designs which will obscure text on slides
  3. Use simple fonts - overuse of complex fonts can look messy on slides

What makes professional PowerPoint templates?

A professional PowerPoint template can make or break your presentation. It sets the tone and establishes credibility for your content. So, what makes a good PowerPoint template?

1) The design should be clean and modern. It should be easy to read and navigate, with plenty of white space to help focus attention on your content.

2) The typography should be professional and consistent, with no jarring fonts or text sizes.

3) The layout should be logical, with clear headings and sections that flow in a natural way. You don't want viewers getting lost in your slides!

4) Animation effects should be used sparingly - if at all - as they can often distract from the message you're trying to communicate.

5) Images and graphics should be high quality and relevant to the topic of your presentation. 6) Finally, it's important that the template is customizable so that you can easily add or remove slides as needed

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