Simple & basic presentation templates that work

Best simple and basic presentation templates that engage and standing out. Use themes and slides that take your presentation from boring to captivating.

Simple & basic presentation templates beyond PowerPoint
Simple company presentation template
Simple company presentation
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Simple sales one-pager template
Simple sales one-pager
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Basic sales deck template
Basic sales deck
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Basic pitch deck template
Basic pitch deck
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Short pitch deck template
Short pitch deck
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General business proposal template
General business proposal
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Simple invest deck template
Simple invest deck
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Basic project proposal template
Basic project proposal
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Simple digital brochure template
Simple digital brochure
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Minimalist project proposal template
Minimalist project proposal
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simple presentation template
Simple and basic presentation
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What is a good simple presentation background?

A good simple presentation background for PowerPoint or other presentation software can make your presentation look more polished and professional.

3 tips for finding the right background:

1) Choose a background that is appropriate for your content. For example, if you are presenting on financial topics, you may want to use a dark or neutral background.

2) Make sure the colors in the background match those in your logo and other branding materials. This will help create a cohesive look across all of your marketing materials.

3) Select a simple design that won't distract from your content. Busy backgrounds can be distracting and can make it difficult for viewers to focus on your presentation slides.

What is a good simple presentation template?

A good simple presentation template for PowerPoint or other presentation software is one that has a clean and professional design. It should be easy to edit and include basic slide layouts, fonts, and colors. When selecting a template, be sure to consider your audience and the type of presentation you will be giving.

All the templates on this page were made with simplicity in mind, in order to reduce any distractions for the reader and make the presentation experience as easy and engaging as possible.

The presentation templates on this page go even further to simplify the reading experience using interactive content such as video, progressive disclosure, walkthroughs, and narrated content.

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