Investment proposal templates beyond PowerPoint

Choose from the best free investment proposal templates that get you funding. Use themes and slides that take your investor deck from boring to captivating.

Investment proposal templates

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What makes a great investment proposal presentation template?

A great investment proposal template uses interactive content to create an engaging storytelling experience. An outstanding investment proposal presentation template avoids the pitfalls of overloaded slides with walls of text by breaking your business idea into easy-to-process information chunks set as chapters within a broad storyline.

To create an investment proposal deck you’ll need a template that does better than any PPT file and delivers interactive content and multimedia like video, audio, and animations.

An effective investment proposal template should also allow you to embed your lead-capture tools directly into the deck, such as lead form, calendar app, or chatbot.

How these investment proposal templates go beyond any PowerPoint

The investment proposal templates on this page let you stand out from the crowd and deliver an experience your competitors’ PowerPoint can never do.

These templates take you from static, boring, text-heavy PPTs or PDFs to interactive, engaging, narrated multimedia stories.

These are web-based, scroll-based, immersive investment proposal templates that come with an analytics suite that gives you insight into who is reading your proposal deck, where, and when. They also tell you who the readers shared the template with and which slides they lingered on and which they skipped.

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