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What makes a good data slide template?

A good data slide template should be visually appealing and easy to understand, with clear headings, labels, and legends.

It should also include relevant data points and comparisons that support the presentation's overall message. Additionally, the design should be consistent with the brand's style and colors.

What makes these data slides better than any PowerPoint

With your same-old PowerPoint data slides, you’ll never stand out, let alone convert. Prospects and investors have seen beautiful data PPT slides a thousand times before.

Though pretty, they’re still static, dull, and hard to understand.

Our interactive slides bring your content to life with motion, tooltips, and interactivity that tell a story not just present information.

What should a data slide template include?

  1. Clear and concise title that accurately describes the data being presented.
  2. Visual representation of the data using graphs, charts, tables, or maps.
  3. Labels, legends, and annotations to help explain the data and provide context.
  4. Source of the data to establish credibility and transparency.
  5. A call to action or key takeaway to guide the audience's attention and focus their understanding.

What is the goal of a data slide?

The goal of a data slide is to present information in a clear and concise manner, allowing the audience to quickly and easily understand the data's key points. The data slide should also support the presenter's message by providing evidence and insights that reinforce the presentation's overall goals.

What are the main types of data slide templates?

  1. Comparison slide: compares two or more sets of data side by side, allowing for easy analysis and comprehension.
  2. Chart slide: displays data visually in the form of a graph or chart, making it easier to understand trends and patterns.
  3. Map slide: uses maps to visualize geographic data, making it easier to understand spatial relationships and patterns.
  4. Demographic slide: This slide displays important information about the target audience, such as age, gender, location, and occupation.
  5. Survey results slide: This slide showcases the results of a survey or questionnaire related to the product or service, providing insights into customer preferences and behaviors.
  6. Graphs slide: This slide presents data in the form of charts, graphs, or tables, allowing the audience to easily understand complex information and draw conclusions.
  7. Data analysis slide: This slide provides an in-depth analysis of data, highlighting key findings and trends, and explaining their implications for the business.
  8. Performance metrics slide: This slide shows key performance indicators (KPIs) for the product or service, such as revenue, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and user engagement, giving investors a clear idea of the business's growth potential.

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