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What is an executive summary slide template?

An executive summary slide template is a ready-made executive summary slide format that helps you give your audience a quick idea of what your presentation covers and the value it holds within. A modern interactive executive summary slide template will include a mix of text, video, graphs, and animated numbers to provide a high level overview of your business plan, project, or proposal.

Learn in-depth about what is an executive summary.

What makes a good executive summary slide?

The best executive summary PowerPoint template is delicately balanced to give the most clarity and value for the least amount of text. But the best executive summary PPT slide will still be worse than a modern scroll-based slide which is not limited by space. Scrollable slides give you more freedome to write an executive summary using longer text, and are easier to read and more engaging for your audience.

What shoud an execusitve summary template include?

To get the most bang for your buck make sure you know precisely what to include in an executive summary.

  1. Summary of key objectives
  2. Brief overview of problem or opportunity being addressed
  3. Proposed solution or approach
  4. Expected outcomes or benefits of proposal
  5. Key metrics (such as financial projections or performance indicators)

Executive summary presentation VS executive summary slide

The main difference between an executive summary presentation and an executive summary slide is that the first is a full-blown presentation while the second is a part of a complete presentation. An executive summary presentation is commonly used as a summary of a long-form report boiling it down to less than 10 slides. An executive summary slide is normally just 1-3 slides long depending on the length of the presentation it summarizes.

How long should an executive summary template be?

As a rule of thumb, your executive summary PowerPoint slide should be limited to 400 words or less, which you should fit into 1-2 slides encompassing both text and key metrics.

Using modern scroll-based presentations (storydocs) you can expand your executive summary over a set of up to 4 slides since slides are less packed than your legacy PowerPoint slides.

In general long texts are to be avoided in executive summary ppt, but this is not true for modern web-based presentations.

Modern interactive slides can hide text in tabs, accordions (read more dropdowns), and videos. This means you can say more with less space and present information only to those who want it.

It would help to take inspiration from high-performing executive summary presentation and slide examples.

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