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last slide of a powerpoint presentation
Last slide of presentation - Image & Next steps
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Last slide of template - book a meeting
Last slide in presentation - Book a meeting
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Final slide of template -CTA buttons - Visit site or book a meeting
Last slide with buttons - Calendar app - Image BG
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Last slide of presentation template - CTA - Embedded calendar
Last slide of presentation with video & CTA
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Last slide of template
Last slide of presentation - Book meeting & personal photo
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What is the best last slide for a presentation

What should be the last slide of your presentation depends on your motivation for making the presentation. A good last slide of any ppt will give the reader the next step they can take to act on what they have learned.

This can be to read further material, try a product, connect on social media, or sign up for an event. You should avoid using a simple thank you slide that expresses your sentiment rather than capitulating on that of the readers’.

What to say on the last page of a presentation?

Your PowerPoint last slide should express a clear call to action (CTA). This is a statement that answers the question “what’s in it for the readers?” and explains exactly what they should do to reap the benefits.

A good CTA should be easy to understand and easy to act on. The time span from action to getting the benefit should be as short as possible (preferably immediate), and this should be clear from the way you word your CTA.

How to make your last presentation slide funny?

Making your last slide of the presentation funny is no easy task. First, you have to know your audience intimately and know what they would consider funny and what they would consider offensive. Then you would have to make sure you are making a joke that your entire audience will understand. The best and safest funny endings are a wink at your own short comings.

What is the last slide of the presentation?

The last and final slide of a presentation is commonly used for saying thank you to express gratitude for the reader or listener (having given their precious time). But this is a common mistake. The last slide of your presentation serves you and your audience best as a launching pad for action. The final slide should explicitly tell your audience how they can make use of what they’ve learned. This, of course, depends on the goal and content of your presentation.

Types of final slides of presentation

  1. Thank you slide (don't just say thank you)
  2. Quotes slide (finish with an inspiring quote)
  3. Contact slide (email, website, social media)
  4. Next step slide (lead the reader to the next step down the buyer journey)
  5. Calendar slide (for scheduling a meeting)
  6. Call to action slide (an immediate action the reader can take to build a relationship with you or your business)
  7. Further reading slide (Good for white papers and case studies)
  8. Signup slide (good for any sales presentation and product one-pagers)
  9. Sign document slide (good for proposals and RFPs)
  10. Subscribe slide (newsletter, e-magazine, or e-learning)
  11. Donate slide (good for NGOs and political campaigns)
  12. Pricing slide (good for proposals, RFPs, SaaS decks, and big-ticket items)
  13. Benefits slide (reiterate the main benefits of what the presentation described)
  14. FAQ slide (the equivalent of a Q&A in a speech presentation for text presentations)

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