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What makes a good problem slide template?

A good problem slide template should clearly articulate the problem at hand and the impact it has on the audience, while also providing relevant data and insights to support the argument.

What is the goal of a problem slide?

​​The goal of a problem slide is to create awareness and urgency around the problem, and to set the stage for proposing a solution that addresses the problem effectively.

What are the main types of problem slide templates?

  • Problem statement slide
  • Causes and effects slide
  • SWOT analysis slide
  • Gap analysis slide
  • Pain points slide
  • Customer persona slide
  • Job-to-be-done slide

What makes these problem slides better than any PowerPoint?

You won’t succeed to make a compelling case for your product or solution with a same-old PowerPoint. Even the prettiest presentation won’t get your prospects' or investors’ attention and interest - they’ve seen it all before.

To move the needle you’ll have to take your problem slide from static to interactive, from dull to captivating. This is what our templates do for you.

What should a problem slide template include?

  1. A clear and concise problem statement
  2. Relevant data and statistics to support the problem statement
  3. The causes and effects of the problem
  4. The impact of the problem on the business or industry
  5. A proposed solution or strategy to address the problem
  6. Visual aids like charts, graphs, or images to illustrate the problem and solution.

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